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Joni in the Moon

Me gustó el arte de tapa.

Perth's self produced Folktronic reverie, 'Joni in the Moon', hails the return of 30 year-old singer/song-writer Joni Hogan after eight years of relative silence. In collaboration with sibling, 33 year-old Josh Hogan, 'Joni in the Moon' sees the width and reach of Joni’s voice placed at the centre of Josh's lush and ambitious percussive world sample electronica and orchestral arrangements.

After the dissolution of first band Heathcliffe in 2004, and the birth of her first child in 2005, Joni spent the following years writing music in recluse before heading to the hills of hometown Perth, Western Australia in 2009. A freshly single mum to her now two daughters, Joni nestled in solitude amongst granite bergs and undulating wilderness, and the sonic skeletons of ‘Joni in the Moon’ began to materialize.

Due for release in February 2014, debut Album “Sorrow Trees” has been self produced and arranged at home and in a makeshift studio in Fremantle, WA, with acclaimed noisemaker Josh. The first two tracks released from the album "Dove Song' and "L'il Star" were both nominated for 2013 WAM Song of the Year.Josh’s career obsession with world sounds/rhythms and his kinship with the work of artists such as Flying Lotus and Björk, has created in him an enormous archive of collected sound, experience and sonic instinct.

There is a theatrical magic in Josh’s arrangement of Joni’s songs – floating flutes, harps and harmonium dance with guttural bass-lines, bazantar-bellied strings, and an hypnotic and structured mish-mash of traditional and industrial/synthetic percussive pops. Indeed, ‘Joni in the Moon’ weaves the siblings together in a complex and strangely beautiful musical symbiosis and it's this musical collision that launches Joni’s songwriting debut so boldly.

Swells of melancholy interwoven with her token heart-on-sleeve folkpop lyric, Joni's tales are of emotional transmutations, a voice unafraid in revealing the interdependence of herself and nature, and the haunting reverie in which the two intertwine.

Es el único video que tienen por ahora.

Genre : Alternative, Electronica, Folktronic, Pop
Year : 2014
Audio Codec : MP3 CBR 320 kbps
Size: 55 MB
1.Yellow Moon 03:41
2.Sorrow Tree I 01:25
3.L'il Star 04:38
4.Sorrow Tree II 01:04
5.Woman on Fire 03:55
6.Dove Song 03:35
7.Sorrow Tree III 01:03
8.This Love 04:04


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